Friday, July 27, 2012

HouseHunting Update

When we began our search for the "perfect" house I thought I knew what I wanted. The house had to have a basement, I did not want anything new or newer construction or "cookie cutter". Ideally I wanted a house with some 60s or 70s decor still lingering.

After looking at about 20 houses we began to realize that we did like updated appliances, walk in closets and a general openness. We were not getting all of that (maybe one or 2 things) with older homes.

Now there was older home we looked at that I absolutely fell in love with. It had great built ins, vintage wallpaper in excellent shape, nooks and crannies, some 70s or 60s carpet, a blue bedroom with 2 closets, and an amazing backyard. The front porch had columns!! The only thing it was lacking was a dishwasher, but I could get a portable one. Unfortunately, TJ did not like the house :(

The same day we looked at another house we both really liked. It was only 6 years old, "cookie cutter", no basement, but it had a 3 car garage, an open floor plan, updated aplliances in a beautiful kitchen, a good size pantry, walk in closet and a big bathroom. This quickly became our first choice.

However, we were told of a house coming on the market close to where I work. We decided we would look at it, but did not expect much. It turned out to be EXACTLY what I wanted. An older home, nice basement, huge kitchen with vintage countertops (gold formica), but updated appliances(including a dishwasher) hich was open to the added family room, a blue master bedroom with a walk in closet and a garage. The only "problem" was 2 small bathrooms. I was ready to go for that house, but TJ still wanted the one with the 3 car garage. I loved that one as well.

Yesterday we put in an offer on the newer 3 car garage home. We are waiting to see if it is accepted or if they counter offer (more likely). It did not turn out to be what I was envisioning from the beginning, but it is beautiful. The selling point for me was the open floor plan. And walk in closet. I think for TJ it was the 3 car garage lol. He also did not want a house where we would have to be doing any work other than maybe painting.

I am really nervous about this step we are taking, but also very excited.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, fingers crossed!

I've only had this one townhouse, and if I could go back in time I would not have gone down that road. But then, when buying it, I didn't realize that less than a year later I'd be on my own. We really ought to have sold it and taken a loss, but we had just bought it.

I don't think I'd ever want a condo again, though. Ugh.

I hope you get this house and hope it also turns out to be just right for your needs, at least for now. :-)

That corgi :) said...

how exciting! It sounds like a great house! I know over the years with the different houses we have either owned or rented (which have been quite a few considering 12 moves in 23 years) the biggest thing I look for is storage. How much does it have? Also you got to like the layout of the house. Eventually you can change carpet and wallpaper or paint but if you don't like the layout, nothing is going to fix that. I also like lots of light, so lots of windows

looking forward to hearing if they accepted your offer or not.