Monday, July 30, 2012

Mr. Peach is Mr. Popular

I am reluctant now to take Mr. Peach to the shelter as he seems to have a better life living here in the apartment complex than I thought. And apparently has another stray friend.

Yesterday it was super hot and I tried to find the Peach Man by his storm drain hideout. He did not come when I called and I discovered that it is quite a long drain/tunnel so he was probably keeping cool deep inside. I also discovered that some other wonderful people had left 2 paper bowls with food and water for him at the mouth of the drain.

Today i went to look for him and discovered that he has a friend. It is a cat I have seen before and does not have a collar so I think he is stray, too. He is skittish, though, so I can't get near him. He was eating the food, too. I have named him Mr. Mushroom because his coloring is that of a white/gray mushroom. Mr. Peach came out of the tunnel this time as well, but I could not get him to follow me to the car as I think he realized what was up (I was just going to take him to the office, though).

So now I am torn. Mr. Peach seems to be living okay now that he is getting regular food and water and has a cool place to stay. I do not mind letting him come over and hang out in the apartment, but we will be moving in a month or two. He has a friend to keep him company. And he keeps that cat company and I would hate to take him away from him (I can't catch that cat)

Any thoughts or advice on what I should do?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Flip a coin, because you'll question yourself whether you take him or whether you don't.

Do you have a private rescue in the area that can be alerted to the presence of both strays? Is your shelter a kill shelter? (That would come into play in any decision, IMO. But even in the "no kill" shelters, a life spent in a tiny cage for 20 hours a day (or 24) isn't a life at all.

This is what I mean by flipping a coin, essentially you're damned if you do and and damned if you don't.

I have the same thing with the strays around my home, Toby being first and foremost. I can't and won't take him in for a variety of reasons (finances being a big one, as well the health of my two existing cats), but I seem to be the only one in our complex who is feeding him. There are other strays and ferals or semi-ferals, one of whom is unneutered. Our "shelter" is a kill one and in any case, they don't assist with trapping. I'm not exactly sure what it is they do, frankly.


Ultimately you have to decide what is best for Mr. Peach and let it go, trust that all will be for his Highest Good.