Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mr. Peach

After talking to some other people in the apartment complex and watching how Scout's friend eagerly chowed down on some cat food I have come to the sad conclusion that Mr. Peach was abandoned. The people I talked to think his owners moved and just left him.

I don't know how people can do this. I can understand if you can no longer care for a pet, but in that case you take them to a shelter so they can have a warm bed and food and water. They also get a chance to be adopted by a family who really wants them.

I convinced TJ to let Mr. Peach stay with us until Monday. If he wants to go back out and run around that is fine, but if he wants to stay in a cool place with food, water, a littlerbox and nipped up cat bed he is welcome here!

So far Scout has been fine, but cautious. He has been asserting his dominance by getting up higher than Mr. Peach, but he also played behind the couch with him. Not sure how he feels about P rolling around in his cat bad and mauling his toys lol. I sprayed them earlier with catnip and Scout did not care, but Mr. Peach went nuts. Yes, I invite a cat into my home and get him high on nip lol. I am the cool cat mom!!!!!

On Monday we are going to ask the office if they know who he belongs to. If not we will take him to the shelter and maybe they can check to see if he has a microchip. I would like to keep him, but TJ is not really on board with that lol.

While writing this Mr. Peach decided to go back outside. He is lying next to our patio and does not want to come back in. I think since he has gotten some food and used a litterbox he is feeling much better :)


That corgi :) said...

Poor Mr. Peach! That is kind of you to take him in for the weekend and then get him to the shelter come Monday when hopefully he will find a forever family. It is so sad that people do this with their pets; so inhumane. It happened a lot where I used to live in the Murrieta/Temecula area before we moved down south. People would lose their houses and move and abandon their dogs (often pit bulls or pit bull mixes). One thing hubby and me did before we agreed to get Koda (who technically is supposed to be son's dog......but you know how that goes......) was that we would always include him in our moves, no matter if we had to pay more for pet deposits, etc and that when the time came......we wouldn't hold on to him if he was suffering and in pain. People need to be responsible for the pets they bring into their family.

You are kind for what you are doing for Mr. Peach.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Poor thing. What will become of him when you move? Will your local shelter just euthanize him (as ours most likely would)? If so, are there any other rescues that could help him?

Maybe someone else there would appreciate a wonderful indoor/outdoor cat?

Paws crossed for him.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Aw! I hate how people abandon their pets! That's so nice of you to take him in for a few days!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth