Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Getaway

TJ and I had a little getaway to Kansas City, KS this weekend to celebrate our 6th anniversary (it was July 3rd). before we went I had a color change on my nails and toes and the girl did really nice flowers.
On our way out there I finally bought a K-Tag!! I have been wanting one as we do go out this way and take the toll road at least once a month and it is such a hassle to stop at the tolls to get a ticket and then pay so this way we just cruise through the K-Tag lane and it scans our chip and charges my debit. SO MUCH EASIER!
We stayed at The Hampton Inn at Village West and for friday evening we went to Legends Mall across the street. I bought another pair of Nike flipflops and TJ got sandals. Then we bought shirts at Old Navy Outlet. We decided on dinner at T-Rex Cafe (they have the best food out of any theme restaurant I have ever been to!) and while we were waiting wondered the gift shop. They also have Build-A-Dinosaur there. we were not planning on getting one, but then this guy got my eye with his big smile
TJ picked out his outfit and I named him Chaz.
He made some friends at our table
This one actually startled TJ when he first moved.
It did get a little scary in there!!
The next morning we woke up early and had free breakfast at the hotel then went to Cabelas. I was in search of a reflective mesh vest like hunters wear(for riding the motorcycle on post with TJ), but did not find one. I did buy another pair of flipflops, though! Under armour this time.

They have a nice aquarium there
Hello there
I have never seen a fish lying down on something before!
They also have fun "stuffed" animals at Cabelas

I love you man!
Follow the leader!
A serious meeting
More follow the leader
It's all fun and games until so eone gets kicked in the face
Lucky for that mountain lion, the alligator was there to catch him when he fell
After Cabelas we headed over to the main attraction of the weekend -- Schlitterbahn!! I do not have any pictures as I left my camera in the car. But it was a waterpark and lots of fun. We mostly did the rivers, but we also did a couple slides. Despite putting on sunscreen we both got burned on our backs and upper arms and shoulders lol. And afterwards we were exhausted!!

After getting back and taking a shower we decided to go over to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at some stuff. I was fine when we got there, but after awhile I began to get really really tired. TJ was, too, so we got some quiznos for dinner and took it back to the hotel. Then we relaxed.
And got silly
Did I mention we were exhausted???
6 years!!!
We decided to take a nap at 7pm, but it ended up being our bedtime!! LOL. However, I was woken up by the very loud young kids (and their father egging them on) in the next room at almost 10pm. Not being able to go back to sleep right away I watched the firworks from the nearby racetrack and went down to the lobby to read. Then i went back to bed!

On Sunday we had free breakfast again, went to Target for some sunburn ointment and then repacked and checked out. But the weekend was not yet over! being in that part of town we headed south down to the shopping mecca of Overland Park. We went to the Rawhide Harley Davidson where we learned they have the largest selection in the area. After that we went to Bass Pro Shop
Elevator view
Buffalo Butts
Sourpuss Fox says
"what are you doing on my mountain?!?!!"
And guess what I found there??? An orange mesh reflective vest!!!! We also had a snack in the restaurant -- fried alligator and chicken wings.

Next we went to the mall, then to Whole Foods, then Cheesecake Factory for lunch. then we headed home.

It was a very nice weekend.


That corgi :) said...

looks like a fun weekend! Getaways like this are always fun of adventures! Glad you enjoyed yours!


Fuzzy Tales said...

What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Belated congratulations! :-)