Saturday, August 18, 2012

Because I Feel Like Writing A Post...

...but do not feel like uploading pictures. This will be filled with randomness and maybe some rambling. Enjoy!

1. We are currently working on our loan application. It's not as painful as I anticipated..yet. Just needing to gather some documents to give them and sign some stuff. And get homeowner's insurance. I had forgotten about that, but we called our auto insurance company and they are shopping around for the best deal for us. Love them. Safeco. We have always had excellent service with them. Well, the Allen Purcell agency in Lawrence. Safeco is our auto insurance through them.

2. The seller's realtor is on vacation so she has not put the Under Contract sign on the sign yet!! I want to take a picture!

3. We are shopping around for a flat screen TV for the livingroom. LCD or LED. Those plasma ones are too hot!!

4. We bought a Blue Ray player. For now we will hook it up to the flat screen in our bedroom (my mom's -- she actually bought a piece of modern technology before I did lol. I usually do not buy a new TV unless one breaks).

5. We bought our first Blue Ray movie....Hunger Games!! After we saw the movie in the theatre TJ said he would like to have it. We RARELY like the same movies.

6. I saw Mr. Peach near the front of the apartment complex last night, but he has not been over this way.

7. Mr. Peach's friend was trying to come get some dinner tonight, but Scout was on the patio and made a mean meow, then tried to chase the poor cat. The cat ran, but Scout was on a leash hooked to a chair so he did not get very far. I hope the cat comes back later. I put food out for him.

8. Scout has discovered that it is nice to hide out under my bed and sleep and relax. Why it has taken him this long to realize that I do not know. he spent all night under there, even. No more snuggling with Mama :(

9. Scout does like to lie on or near me to clean himself still, though.

10. I got all my pictures for 2011 and 2012 organized into albums. Now I can choose which ones I want to scrapbook :)

What are all of you up to??


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