Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho

It's back to work I go!!!

My summer vacatuion is over. Today I returned to work. No kids until tomorrow. We had a meeting with our new supervisors this morning (one of them lives in the same apartment complex as me!), met the new teachers for this year(half our staff left to go to the new school on post) and helped with any work that had to be done in the classrooms. This afternoon we had our annual orientation metting. I am not sure yet which grades I will be working in this year, but I am looking forward to maybe working with some of the new teachers :) It is almost like having a new job lol. I also enjoyed seeing the familiar faces. It is like being reunited with family.

Oh, I will not be working in the lunchroom this year :( After 2 years it was time to give someone else a chance, so I will have lunch recess duty. In the winter my red coat will get a lot of use again :) And tom orrow is a half day so I don't have to worry about the superhot temps! On Thursday it cools off again :)

I missed seeing my baby today, but he seemed to be okay. Although after I got home and settled on the couch he spent almost an hour in here...
So maybe he is having some issues lol

I did find out that Mr. Peach's friend is indeed an unneutered male. After having some food he decided to stretch and stick his butt in the air to show me lol. I tried to give Scout a chance to be nice to him again, but the dude was smart and made sure he stayed a respectable distance away from Scout. Mr. Peach supervised.

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