Monday, August 13, 2012

Mancat Monday with Clean Paws

Hello Friends! I am spending one last day with Mommy before she goes back to work tomorrow. However, she is being mean by having the sliding door open, but not opening the screen door to let me out!

Anyway, last night I spent some quality time with my tasty paws, cleaning them up.

I love cleaning my paws! But it is very hard work and afterwards I went immediately to sleep.

Mommy's legs are sooo comfortable!

Mommy also wanted me to give an update on Mr. Peach and his stinky friend. They are still around. Sometimes we don't see Mr. Peach for a couple days, but he comes back for some lunch or dinner. He started bringing his stinky friend, too. I don't like him. Or her. I growl at him/her! I love Mr. Peach, though. However, his stinky friend is now coming on his/her own! Mommy keeps trying to get close to pet him/her, but he/she will not let her. But he/she will eat on our patio if Mommy stays in the apartment. And me, because I chase him/her away!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Maybe Mr. Stinky is an unneutered male, which would be a valid reason you don't like him. We have Toby, our neutered stray, and don't fuss over him *too* much, but one of us (Nicki) sure fusses over "Mr. Peanuts," who definitely ISN'T neutered, hence the nickname.