Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mr. Peach Nips It Up

I decided not to take Mr. Peach to the shelter just yet. As long as he has food and his friend I think he is okay. He is neutered as well.

I actually thought someone else had taken him to the shelter as I did not see him for a couple days, but last night he was on top of the car we pulled in next to lol. I invited him in for some food and a little nip.

I haven't sprayed the cat bed and toys again, but Mr. Peach still smells it and LOVES the catnip palm tree. He went a little nuts in the Mickey Mouse Cat Nip Bed LOL

He also decided to lay in my clothes filled laundry basket on the bed, but tipped it over lol. He has a good time exploring the apartment as well. Scout, as always, keeps a sharp eye on him and gets up above him to assert his dominance and Mr. Peach remains respectful.

After awhile he goes back outside and to wherever it is he spends his nights.

1 comment:

FootPrints said...

my daughter is seriously dying to have a cat right now...which will never happen cause my hubby has allergies...

as i type this this has well over 30 cat stamps on her body...hahaha