Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Heart Will Go On...To KC!!

I took a daytrip to Kansas City yesterday. First I went to the LDS temple, then to our church's canning warehouse for some supplies for a friend and then I headed downtown to see an exhibit I have really been wanting to see.
Titanic Artifacts!

The cost was $19.12 (get it??) and it was worth every penny

When you enter the exhibit you are given a "boarding pass" and the info of someone who was on the ship. They also take your picture in front of the Grand Staircase(actually a green screen)

This was my person. Scandalous!
But I found it cool that her final destination was Los Angeles :)

The exhibit was amazing! You are not allowed to take pictures so I will describe it. They not only show you the artifacts they give you history and facts andd information about the voyage and when you walk through you feel like you are walking through parts of the ship. They have music playing that would have played on the ship and in one part you were in the steerage compartments and could hear the engines of the ships and then in another part, the boilers. In one part they had a model of a freshwater iceberg that you could touch. It was real and freezing lol. They explained that a saltwater one like the Titanic hit would have been a lot colder. They also had a light projection on the floor of the size and layout of a lifeboat so you could see how big(or small) it was and how narrow. I resisted the urge to sit on the floor to get the full effect.

The artifacts themselves were fascinating, especially the ones that were still in good shape or intact. It was especially sad to see the stuff that they could identify the owners of. Most of them did not make it. At the end of the exhibit they had listed on the wall the names of the people who lived and who died. My person lived, but her companion did not.

After the exhibit I took pictures of the great hall in Union Station
And the war monument across the street
.I am so happy I was able to make this day trip and see this wonderful exhibit.


Kim said...

So did she live or die?

Robyn :) said...

She lived. I mentioned that

Kim said...

Ohhh...I was speed reading. :)