Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Bet you thought I was never going to continue telling you about my epic trip, didn't you?? LOL.

After leaving the Denver Temple I finally made it into the mountains (listening to John Denver of course!)! I had to take a potty break and change into jeans (I had worn a skirt to the temple, of course) and stopped in Georgetown. By this time my camera and phone was dead so no pictures. It was a cute little town in the canyon of the mountain. Previous to stopping here I saw a sign for an exit where you could view Big Horn Sheep. No need for that as there was a bunch on the side of the Georgetown exit!!

While in the mountains I went through 2 tunnels. The second one was a couple miles long!! While in there I crossed the Continental Divide!!!

Then it was on to Vail!! I found the hotel easily as it was right next to the interstate.
The Sebastian was absolutely amazing. They had valet parking so all I had to do was park my car at the entrance. they also brought my bags to my room and when I discovered I left my phone in the car they went back down and retrieved it!!
The receptionist gave me a bottle of water when I checked in and walked me to the elevator, pointing out some of the hotel's amenities.
My room was beautiful and had a nice view

After relaxing for a bit I got ready to go out exploring Vail Village

I will tell you about that and post pictures next time :)

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