Friday, August 10, 2012

Under Contract

Some of you may know this already, but we decided on a house!! If you would like to see it go HERE

Currently we are under contract to buy it. They do not really refer to it as Escrow out here.

Today we had the inspection and all is well.

Next starts the loan process. Oh joy! LOL

If everything goes well we will be moving in by my birthday or the day after.

I have started packing nonessentials. We plan to hire a moving company this time, rather than asking for help from church, but I am still doing the packing myself. I also plan to move all the food and food storage and clothes myself.

I already have some decorating ideas as well. The guest bathroom is going to have the beach theme. Our diningroom is going to be done in black and white and red and will have a prevailing car and motorcycle theme.

We have also already bought a new bed frame with a headboard and footboard and a new desk. We also plan on getting a love seat and possibly a chair. And we have to get a refrigerator.

I am really starting to feel like a grownup now.


That corgi :) said...

How exciting Robyn! I looked at the pictures; for some reason I could only look at a few of them and then I got a message "Photo coming soon" but I did see the kitchen counters and the open floor space and the front of the house! It looks neat; a great place to start! Sounds like you have great decorating ideas and wise move to get a professional mover to move your things; we've done that a lot of times and it goes by so much smoother and quicker. I've also done like you do, move food, clothes, easy things. Nice thing with having a house you are building equity up in that (provided the market doesn't crash, LOL) rather than paying rent to someone else building up equity :)

good luck with it all!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Congratulations! I looked at the photos, it's a NICE house. Can't believe how inexpensive it is. You can't even get a cheaply made townhouse condo like mine for that price. What you're buying would go for $400,000+ in Canada, depending on the area. Can't imagine less than $400K. So...Wow! I'm envious! And very excited for you! :-)