Thursday, September 13, 2012

Calabasas, Silver Lake and Highland Park

On my last day with Bonnie we drove up to Calabasas in search of Kardashians!!

We made it into Hidden Hills!!! (sort of)

Then we drove down Parkway Calabasas

Then we went to King's Fish House for brunch. We had oysters and I had a Caesar Salad with bay shrimp. Then we drove down into LA to visit Grace Ellay, an awesome boutique owned by a college friend

It was in Silver Lake, a very cute little town.

Bonnie bought a pair of boots and I bought a beautiful blue asian inspired blanket handmade by our friend's mom (who is a costume supervisor on movies!)

Our next stop was Galco Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park

This is a store whose main merchandise is SODA!! Any kind of soda you can think of!! I bought a variety of different ones.

After that stop we went back to Bonnie's apartment and I took a nap before heading down to my cousin's for the night.

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