Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canyon Drive in the OC

For the rest of my OC visit I headed down to the beach, but I took my time getting there by visiting some old favorites and taking scenic drives.

After I left Kim's I went to my old Barnes and Noble store in Santa Ana (for a year I lived nearby and would often go to sit and read in the store). I was sad to find they took out the comfy chairs, but I think all Barnes and Nobles are doing that now :(

Next I stopped at Pat and Oscar's for their awesome breadsticks (they rival Olive Garden's!!) and a Greek salad and then I headed for the canyons!!

First I drove through Santiago Canyon

Then I picked up Trabuco Canyon Drive. This one of my most favorite drives ever and one of the most beautiful roads I have ever been on.
I LOVE driving down this stretch

As I was driving I came upon the Ramakrishna Monastery
Years ago a guy I was dating took me here.
The grounds are only open to walk through during certain hours of the day and the time I was there did not fall into that time.
But the monastery store was open so I visited there to get an apple, soap, and locally made honey.

I drove a little further and found a park called O'Neill Regional Park and decided to stop and have lunch

I drove through the park a bit and then decided to do a little hiking. I went on the Racoon Trail which was EASY and 0.1 miles,
then hiked a very small stretch of the Homestead which was also one of the easy ones, but had a nice hill lol.

Next was a stop in "downtown" and a visit to the general store

Then I drove over to Coto de Casa where the Real Housewives of Orange County live!!

Of course it's gated so you cannot go in!! after taking pictures I headed out down Santa Margarita Parkway and El Toro road until I hit Laguna Canyon Rd!!

This also one of my favorite roads and drives. It takes you right to Laguna Beach!!

My room was not ready when I got there so I drove down to Dana Point and accidentlly got on the 5 freeway, then got off and drove back roads and ended up in San Juan Capistrano which was more east than south of Laguna Beach than I thought!

Then I went back to the hotel!

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That corgi :) said...

Gosh this brings back memories of when we lived in Laguna Niguel. Great pictures! I have to say, I think Pat and Oscar's breadsticks are even better than Olive Gardens, yum!