Thursday, September 6, 2012


Last night I had an interesting dream. I was in high school again and had a blond boyfriend. We had a social studies test and were allowed to use notes. I was really worried about this test and wanted to do well on it. I was struggling with remembering some of the geography questions.

Anyway, at one point my boyfriend came over and tried to copy my answers!! I told him he couldn't do that and he got mad. Then he accused ME of cheating (because I was usuing notes. Apparently he did not take any to use)!! I was so upset that he would turn on me like that. He was telling other people I was cheating on the test, too. Jerk.

Well, I guess no one was believing him or he couldn't find another girlfriend because he came over and gave me a letter. I thought it was going to say mean stuff, but instead he apologized and said he was stupid and he wanted to make up and wanted to introduce me to his family (which he included pictures of!). I was not so eager to junp back in. I did not trust him so I told him we would see how things went.

What did I learn from this dream? Well, that my moral compass is pointing true north in my subconcious as I would not let this guy copy off of my test and that I am smart enough to stay wary when someone does me wrong lol.

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Kim said...

There's a site called You need to bookmark it! LOL!