Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Decorating Plans

We move into the house in just a couple days and in the meantime I have been packing stuff up and thinking about how I want to decorate it.

This is what I have come up with...

The base of the livingroom is going to be neutral browns and beiges. Our couch is beige and we are most likely going to get a brown love seat. We have found curtains to match even. We will do accents in yellow, orange and blue. I want it to look warm and inviting, but balanced with the cool of blue.

The diningroom is going to be black and white with red accents and the theme is going to be cars and motorcycles.

The kitchen is going to be red and yellow with a disney theme.

Our bedroom is going to be blue and green. I want it to feel calming, but a bit vibrant, like a swimming pool.

The master bathroom is going to be done in blue, green, yellow and brown. Leaning towards a jungle or rainforest theme.

Guest bathroom will have a beach theme.

The guestroom is going to have a vintage feel. I will be using vintage pieces and pictures. No specific color.

The craftroom will be pink and green.

Eventually we will do some painting, but for now we are just going to live with the peachy beige walls. We are just glad they are not white!!! LOL

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