Monday, September 3, 2012

Hanging With Celebrities

When you go to Hollywood you expect to see some stars and what better place than Madame Trousseau's Wax Museum???!!!

I was interviewed by Seacrest!!

I visited the classics

Helped to part the Red`Sea

I was glamorous

and I met James Bond (or Remington Steele if you prefer)

The Godfather made me cry
Being cool
Being sexy
Dancing with Johnny :)

I love this guy
Learning from the master
Love this guy, too
Having it out with Sue Sylvester

The Governator
Conversing with Jack

One final interview

Then we took some night shots

There are actually 2 wax museums in Hollywood. I have been to both. This one is better because you can pose with the wax figures.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm not sure how I'd feel, going to a wax museum. On the one hand, I think I'd be bowled over by the realism, but on the other hand, I think I'd find the realism a bit creepy! :-)

Robyn :) said...

They are also all scattered so sometimes you think it is a real person lol!!