Monday, September 17, 2012


Just a quick update.....we are moved into our new house!! The kitchen and bathrooms are set up, but that is it! Most of the diningroom, too. Going to work on the livingroom this evening so hopefully that will be done. My goal is a room a day.

As for the move, let me tell you about that! First of all, TJ did not pack everything he was supposed to so that was left for me to do that morning!! Then I discovered he did not leave me the keys to the storage unit. So I lost my crap and cried and was stressed beyond belief. Then the movers came. 4 guys and they were the best movers we have ever had! They made it as low stress as possible. They were fast and 2 of them talked to and played with Scout! The whole move took only 4 hours! Oh, and I did get the keys to the storage in time lol. One of the guys even swept my storage unit after! Kings Moving and Storage. I hope I never have to use them again, but if I do I will :)

Scout did ok. He cried a lot in the car, but stayed seated on the passenger seat. I was even able to go through a drive thru with him! He hid his head, though lol. He has been having a great time exploring the new house. It took him 2 days to figure out he could climb up on the ledges in the dining, kitchen and livingrooms. He's sitting up there now!!!! He has also been able to explore the garage and has been on the back patio on a leash and out front to eat grass. One thing, though, he is very afraid of the doorbell and when he hears it hides. First time it was behind the washing machine and we had to move it to get him out, the second time behind the dresser in the spareroom and I had to pull him out and today behind the washer again. he came out when I came home.

Okay, I guess this wasn't so quick lol. I will be catching up on blogs later today after I do some unpacking :)


FootPrints said...

glad it went pretty well. i hate moving!! hate it!

That corgi :) said...

How exciting you are in your home! I tell you, those men!! They never do what they are supposed to do!! (our last move we got bogged down because hubby hadn't done much in the garage to get it ready to move and that took the longest of everything). Always go with professional movers if you can. They do it so much more quicker and you don't risk the chance of injuring yourself. Glad they were of so much help and that Scout is enjoying exploring his new home.

May it be a wonderful adventure for you all to get established there!