Saturday, September 22, 2012

Impromptu NB Trip

On the Friday of my beach vacation I slept in a bit and watched TV. It was too drizzly to go to the beach so I decided on an impromptu trip up to Newport Beach. I wanted to see the Wedge.
The Wedge is a place at Newport Beach where a jetty sticks way out into the ocean
Because the waves come in and hit the jetty they end up going "sideways"
This causes them to meet up with the waves coming up to the shore and it forma a wedge!

It is much more apparent at high tide and this was low tide
But it was still very cool to see
There were a couple of young men body surfing in the waves, too

Not sure what happened here

After the Wedge I went over to Balboa Pier

I didn't like this beach as a kid because it is slanted and the waves are rough

But it has a really cool village area

I had to have a Balboa Bar
And a corn dog

Then I went back to the 80s

I played some Skee Ball in the arcade

I did not go on this
Or this
But I most definitely did do this!!

Before that, though, I bought this
The owner's dad was there and he actually made the sale!! I was not sure there would be one in my size but he said to keep looking and talked about how unique they were lol

One last look

Next it was off to a very cool mall!!!!!

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That corgi :) said...

Gosh, I didn't know about this area when we lived up there. It would have been fun to explore it! Looked like you had a nice time doing so! Cool ring too!