Monday, September 3, 2012

My Roots

I started my first full week of vacation going back to where I came from. This is going to be one long post.

I started the morning off with a visit to my financial advisor (who is a family friend) in Huntington Beach and then headed back to my hometown. On my way I passed the old Uniroyal building (now the Citadel Outlet Mall) where my parents worked and met

Then I stopped at a Jack in the Box for lunch and picked up some flowers at Albertsons to take to my parents at Resurrection Cemetery
The vase in the ground was stuck so I had to get creative
I also had trouble finding the grave!!! i had to go to the office for help.
After visiting my parents it was off to my hometown of Whittier. First stop was Palm Park

The greenway trail goes through here (it used to be railroad tracks)

There used to be cooler playground equipment lol
Bottle brush tree. We used to have one of these in front of our house
After the park I drove over to Greenleaf Ave in beautiful Uptown Whittier

I went to the bookstore and bought a few children's books for a friend's son. Then I drove over past Central Park where I spent many summers going to Concerts in the Park

Then I went over to Painter Ave where the trees are taking over the street!!

And I stopped at my Alma Mater, Whittier College. I started with a picture of a beautiful Jacaranda Tree

The library and a sculpture
Hoover Hall (the back)
Lower Quad
The Rock
Diehl (formerly Naylor) hall, the symbol of Whittier College
New Campus Center
My brick!!
On the brick walkway
Science Building (looks like a waffle iron. The library used to look like a cheese grater!!)
Looking up the hill to my old dorm, Wardman Hall
Our most famous alumna
I swear these trees are trying to take over
Shannon Center for The Performing arts where I did my work study and even worked part time after I graduated
Mendenhall. I once camped out here for a few hours to get the classes I wanted

Philadelphia Street, which runs through campus on one side
After my college tour I drove around some more. This is the end of Hadley in the Whittier Hills
Driving down Hadley looking towards LA
Condos on the site that was once Murphy Hospital
I always liked how this elementary school against the hills looked

Another view of the condos on Hadley where Murphy Hospital used to sit
Whittier Hills on Worsham Cyn Rd
View of the college football stadium from above

View of Whittier from the hills
Love this road
another shot of the scary tree canopy (it seriously was not like this when I was growing up here)
Prettier trees on a residential street
La Cuarta st

Michigan Park where we had many family get togethers
My parents and I always admired this house
This was my absolute favorite though because of the lions in front
Bad shot, but this is the town's bus system which is a converted trolley car. I used to take these regularly
One of my favorite parks and their new(er) Senior Center

Weird bird sculpture
Small zoo
Can you see all the chickens???
This park also used to have cooler equipment
Whittier Stake Center of the LDS church
This is the LDS church that started my curiosity and fascination with Mormonism
We passed this building regularly while I was growing up.
St Bruno's Catholic Church -- the church I grew up in
The Whitwood Branch library which i was thrilled to see they were adding an addition on to

JC Penney's at the old Whitwood mall (now the Whitwood Town Center. They tore down the mall and made it an open shopping center)

I met up with a friend from college at Tony's Pizza after my Whittier tour. For desert I got a Jamba Juice then drove back to Bonnie's in the Valley through major traffic.

I miss Whittier a lot. I would love to move back, but the cost and earthquakes are major deterrents lol.

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