Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Trip Favorites

Now that I have reached the end of my trip recaps I thought I would make a favorites list, so here it is.....

Favorite Hotel: Although the Pacific Edge was on the beach and The Madonna Inn was amazing, THE SEBASTIAN in Vail wins hands down. It was a combination of the attentive service, quiet room, library and proximity to the village.

Favorite Restaurant: Okay, although I love the All You Can Eat Sushi near Bonnie's and Seafare's Inn in Whittier, the absolute best was The Goldrush Steakhouse at the Madonna Inn

Favorite Pizza: Tony's in Whiitier !!!

Favorite Dessert: 3 way tie between the cake at The Madonna Inn, Cannolis in Laguna Beach and Farrell's Ice Cream

Favorite Mall or shopping center: Fashion Island in Newport Beach

Favorite Show: Phantom of the Opera

Favorite Beach: Laguna :)

Favorite Cultural Experience: The Oratoria at Disney Concert Hall, followed closely by the art galleries of Laguna Beach

Favorite Works of Art: At LACMA it was "Weeping Coconuts" by Frieda Kahlo and in Laguna Beach it was a wheatfield with dark clouds over it. I also saw a painting of the Last Supper done with plants.

Favorite Exercise: Okay this one is tough because yoga was awesome as was walking on the beach and the short hike in Orange County, but the run/walk I did in Vail was the best!

Favorite Drive: Trabuco Canyon

Favorite Spa: The Madonna Inn Spa

Favorite Spa Treatment: The facial and foot massage at the Madonna Inn

Favorite Temple: Los Angeles. Always.

This is all I can think of for now. If you can think of any others to ask me please do!

I have really enjoyed recapping my trip and sharing it with you :)


That corgi :) said...

It did seem like a good trip; nice how you wrapped it up with your favorites! Now are you planning such an adventure for next summer?


FootPrints said...

Whittier!!! my favorite place!

thats where i went to college!

Kim said...

I like how pink the restaurant is!