Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old LA and Pasadena

After shopping at the Citadel, Bonnie and I went to Downtown LA

We decided to go to Olvera Street

Olvera Street is where Los Angeles began.

While there I bought some beautiful authentic clothes, Bonnie and I bought matching headbands and we drank Horchata.

Afterwards we drove down Broadway which is very vintage LA

We continued down Broadway, then up Main

Through Chinatown

Then we got on the 110 Freeway(one of my favorite freeway drives ever!!) to head up to Pasadena for the evening

Pasadena Auditorium (the Salvation Army was having their once-every-10-years west coast gathering and training)

Bonnie said we would be going to Old Town Pasadena. I told her I was excited because I had never been there, only to the mall. She said she had never been to the mall.

We were also going to meet Bonnie's sister so while we waited we went to the new shopping area to an antique shop, then listened to a really awesome singer.

After Juddy joined us we went to El Cholo for dinner and had tableside guacamole service!! Then we walked down to Old Town and had Pinkberry frozen yogurt. then we bought bath products at Lather and saw a sushi boat restaurant!!

As we were leaving bonnie and I were talking and she said she did not even know where the mall was. I looked back at the newer area we had been in and said "I think it was THERE!"

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