Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shopping in Sin City

I woke up early in the morning, but then fell back asleep for 2 hours!! After a shower and getting ready I had breakfast at the Fro-Yo place in the hotel. I had the Elvis Crepe
Peanut butter and banana, of course!!

Then I made a salon appointment before going to the Forum Shops at Caeser's, right next door

This is the rotunda part

Is this the coolest escalator or what???

In this part of the shops I went to a chocolate place which in addition to amazing chocolate with bacon also had the most awesome tasting cold water samples!! They kept it in a tin pitcher and I think that is what made it taste so good.

The main area of shops

I just love the "sky", not to mention the fountains and ornate ceilings

One of the things I really wanted to buy on this trip was a necklace in honor of my mom and dad. I found something at Tiffany's (where I was hoping to!!). I bought a thin silver chain and a shamrock charm (to represent the month they were married) and had it sent to New York to be engraved with J&J. I got a pretty blue bag with a pretty blue box tied with a white ribbon (for the chain. When the charm arrived it was in a box with a bow, too!!). I also found a Pearl Factory kiosk. In addition to already made pearl jewelry you can pay to open up clams to get a brand new pearl!! Pearl is the birthstone of both my mom and dad and I wanted something to possibly go with the necklace. I got 2 really good pearls so I hade one made into a ring and the other into a necklace with a small sapphire(my birthstone).

I had pizza for lunch and played some slots. Back in the rotunda I got pictures of this...

Outside of Caeser's there was a guy stealing coins out of a fountain!!! There was no time to grab a security guard, but someone whipped out their phone and took a picture! The guy then took off running. He kind of looked like he was strung out on drugs. Very sad.

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That corgi :) said...

How neat how you chose to honor/remember your parents. Now when you wear those pieces of jewelry you will remember them and their love for you.

Another wonderful day you had!

Forgot to say, love your new blogger header picture!