Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Funday

This was one of my favorite days of my trip. I will be breaking it up into 3 posts because it was that packed with fun!!

It started out with a visit to the Woodland Hills ward of church. They were so friendly there :) I passed this street to and from church
Bonnie went to her own church. When we both got home we booked our room for the Madonna Inn for later that week. Then we headed down to Whittier!!!

I miss that place!!

We went to see my cousins and it was a very nice visit. Then we drove over to see my old house.

Then we went to SeaFare Inn for an early dinner
We resumed our oyster tour from 2 years ago. I also had my favorite dish there, the Seafood Louie. Best ever!!

Afterwards we drove around our Alma Mater, Whittier College (that's where we met) and then up to Rose Hills to drive on the haunted road. Bonnie had never been there before.

In Rose Hills cemetery there is a road that is "haunted". If you put your car in neutral it will roll "uphill"!!!!

It is not actually going uphill, but it looks like it because of the way the landscape looks. It is an optical illusion. I just love that!!!

After that adventure I found my dad and Granny's old house mostly by using a combination of names and landmarks. I knew to go north on the 710 Fwy to the end and turn left on Valley. I knew to pass the railraod tracks and yards and the publc Storage and to turn right at the street with the firehouse ( I knew the name of this street, but will not say here). Then we took that to another road I knew, turned left and then made a right on a residential street. It was the 2nd house in on the 2nd block
It used to be pink! My dad thought he was painting it peach, but it turned out pink.

After this I drove around the hilly neighborhood (this is in the city of LA near the Ele Sereno area and very close to South Pasadena). We headed towards downtown ended up over by the County Hospital. We hopped on a couple of freeways and ended up in Hollywood!!!

We drove down Hollywood Blvd, of course

We saw many curious things



We couldn't resist the pull of the glamour and excitement so we decided to park the car and experience it for ourselves. Maybe we would even be discovered!!!

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Carrie said...

Jealous! Hollywood is definitely on my to-see list. ;) Your Sunday sounds fabulous!