Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Valley, Chicken, and Shopping

After we arrived home from the Central Coast, Bonnie and I decided that for the evening we would cruise the Valley (after getting pedicures). We drove down Sherman Way through Canoga Park, Reseda and Van Nuys, then up Van Nuys Blvd through Pacoima and San Fernando. We were also in Panorama City. We drove through the tunnel under Van Nuys Airport that I remembered driving through when I was a kid!! We had Weinerschnitzel for dinner and saw about twenty 7-11's!! It was a fun way to spend a Friday night.

On Saturday I went to get my nails redone(they were not done right here in Kansas) and then we headed down to the LA area. It was foggy and a bit overcast

Our destination was Bell Gardens for some classic Pioneer Chicken!
Pioneer Chicken was big back in the 1980s. It rivaled KFC in taste
Their spokesperson was OJ Simpson and they billed themselves as the go to chicken for watching Monday Night Football
There was even a classic Winchell's Donuts next door. Winchell's was like the Dunkin Donuts of the west coast.
Best chicken in the world!!

After our chicken lunch we went to The Citadel to go shopping!!
their bathroom stalls had holders for your purchases :)
The Citadel is an oulet mall. They even have a Corelle outlet so I bought some bowls!! Then we went to Ruby's for a milk shake(for Bonnie) and a Vanilla Coke (for me)

It was a great start to the day, but the fun was just beginning!!

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