Monday, September 24, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!!

I arrived in Sin City after the sun went down so all the lights were on and glittering! I tell you, that is THE best way to arrive in Vegas!

The sunset on the way was beautiful, too.

I valet parked my car at the Mirage and settled into my fabulous room
(these were taken the next day)

I decided to take a short walk on the strip (it was over 90 degrees out!!)

Then I went back to the Mirage and explored a bit

back at the room I ordered room service and watched a Criminal Minds rerun. It was one of my favorites and took place in.....Las Vegas!!!!!! Then I went to bed.


Kim said...

Your room was NICE! Was it a suite?

Robyn :) said...

Nope, just a regular room

That corgi :) said...

great pictures of Las Vegas! I think it is always fun to drive into Vegas at night and start seeing the lights miles back. Looked like it was another fun time on your trip!