Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Need Blogger Help

How do you respond to someone's comments with an email? People leave me wonderful comments and I do not know how to respond directly back to them!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

You can't if it shows up as "no reply," but sometimes I go to the blog and search for an email address and do it that way. And sometimes there's an email associated with the post to begin with, so a simple "reply" does the trick.

That corgi :) said...

Do you get a notice in your email that you got a comment on your blog? If the person that left the comment did set up their settings so when they leave a comment, they leave their email address rather than just "no reply" then you can just reply to their comment like you were writing any other email you were going to reply to and it should work. Does that make sense? Like the other commenter said, I just realized I basically said what she said :)