Monday, October 8, 2012

Off To See The Wizard

Every year Wamego, Kansas has Oztoberfest to celebrate the Wizard of Oz. Wamego is home to the Oz Museum which has the largest private Oz related memorabilia in the world. In addition to the fest they also put on a yearly production of the wizard of oz musical at the Colmbian theatre. Since I started going to the fest 6 years ago they have expanded it to a pretty good festival with vendor booths and carnival food.
I like to wear my handmade ruby slippers
Real Munchkins visit every year as well. This one was Margaret and she was being escorted around town by Glinda
On the yellow brick road.

We did not stay long this year as I was sick and had spent the morning at the Pumpkin Patch craft fair. I did get an awesome peach lemonade and we bought some equally awesome flavored popcorn! Afterwards we went to Umi for sushi!!

We also drove by the new church building in Wamego. Isn't it beautiful?
My husband actually worked on this building one day when he was working for LaborMax.

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That corgi :) said...

What a cute festival; I would have to go for just a bit if I lived close by. Love your ruby slippers!! Now I got that song stuck in my mind "we're off to see the wizard"......

hoping you are feeling better now!