Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween

It has been a pretty good Halloween. This morning I helped out in kindergarten for an hour, supervising the making of pasta and glue pictures. Then I hung out in 5th grade while we read The Tell Tale Heart. Creepy!!

After lunch I went to Munson's Pumpkin Patch with the kindergarteners. Here are some highlights..

Making s'mores

Big Ben, the horse

Next we walked through a corn maze and then picked out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, but I did not get pictures. Then we got a ride on the wagon where we saw an 150 year old house which has been in the Munson family for 5 generations. It also has a gohost.

After school I stopped to get more candy, then a Jack O'Lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's

Then I decorated outside the house

The Jack o'Lantern pizza got a huge bubble!!!
I tried to dress scout in his Devil Costume, but he was not having it so I put him in the Santa one, which he tolerated

Then he prepared for the trick or treaters coming

At first I was worried we were not going to get too many trick or treaters, but we ended up having a good crowd. And had candy left over!

House at night

This is what I wore :)

Next year I plan to do a Wizard of Oz theme :)


Kim said...

Cute job!

That corgi :) said...

You did a great job with the house!! I like your costume!! Good that you got a lot of trick or treaters; we got NONE!!

Big Ben looked like a pretty big horse!! sounded like you had a great day!