Monday, October 15, 2012

The Rock (Updated)

Today I am absolutley heartbroken.

A landmark at my alma mater was broken.

This is The Rock at Whittier College (btw, WC is also the alma mater of Richard Nixon and Andrea Barber who played Kimmy Gibler on Full House)
The Rock was brought to the college in 1912 from the Sierra Madre Mountains. A large part of it is underground to anchor it. Aboveground it originally stood shoulder tall but 100 years of painting it eroded it down to waist high.
A couple years they built The Campus Center next to the Rock. It kind of overshadowed The Rock so it wasn't as prominant but the colorful society logos and other paintings done on it still made it noticeable. However, the college did not agree and decided that it needed to be moved so it would be more prominent again. Apparently, the Lancer society decicded they could move it. I am not sure they were professionals or not, but I am inclined to think NO because this happened

It broke :( It may not look like it, but what you are seeing is the part that was above ground(the I is the logo of the Ionian Society). The rest of it...the still in the ground. They say they are going to repair it with construction adhesive.


This is all kinds of wrong and I am very very angry.

UPDATE: Apparently they did succeed in putting The Rock back together and it is in its new place. However, the only pictures I have seen are of them putting it back together (which are on Flikr and I can't copy them to show you here), not the finished Rock or a clear idea of where it was moved to. So we will see.

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That corgi :) said...

That would be sad, Robyn, to hear that it had broken; glad to hear they are trying to restore it; hope they are able to get it to look like it did!