Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walking A Mile In Rememberance

Last week was our school's annual Walk a Mile day. This year was a little different, though, as we did it in honor of the Bramlage Family

We started with a moment of silence and a balloon release
The Bramlage Family was a wonderful family in our community that were tragically killed when their private planed crashed in Florida last summer
All 3 of the boys graduated from Lincoln and the youngest, Roxanne, would have been in 3rd grade this year. Her favorite color was pink so we wore that in honor of her and released pink balloons
This bird hung around right after
We stopped traffic!!
It looked like walking crayons in the water!!
I also got these awesome shots of Homer's Pond and the water tower

We invited the families of Ron and Becky Bramlage to join us and then had a reception after work in the library
We presented them with memory books the 3rd graders made of Roxanne. We also donated books in the family's and Roxanne's honor. The public library (which is named after the family's grandmother) also donated a book.

The students and staff all received these bracelets.

Although sad at times it was truly a day of celebration of such wonderful people.

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That corgi :) said...

That was a nice way to remember the family like this; I remember when you wrote about their plane crashing a few months back. I'm sure the family that attended was honored that their loved ones' memories were being kept alive like this.