Friday, October 5, 2012

Why We Chose To Make Kansas Our Home

You may have been wondering why my husband and I would choose a state where neither of us have any family to make our permanent home. I thought I would explain the factors that went into making this decision as well as some things I really love about here.

1. Middle of the country. This was a huge factor for both of us. Most of my family (and my BFF) is in California and most of his are in Florida(I have some there, too). Kansas is right in the middle (well, actually Texas is more, but read on for more reasons why we chose Kansas lol)

2. My job. Another big deciding factor. I LOVE my job and my husband knew this. When we got married I packed up the life I had built in Florida and moved here for him and his job. It was his turn this time lol.

3. Cost of living. It is so expensive to live in California and almost as bad in Florida. You can get so much more here in Kansas. And we have a beautiful home that would have probably been double in Florida and triple in Cali.

4. Independence (this is more me). We have created our own life here in Kansas. It forces us to rely solely on one another and I believe this makes our marriage stronger. We also answer only to ourselves (well, and God), not to others. We have built up friendships with people here who are like family now and we have gotten involved in groups and activities that are unique to us and enrich us and give us joy. TJ has his motorcycle groups and I have scrapbooking.

5. TJ's job. Foot Locker is a wonderful company to work for and TJ has so many opportunities working at the distribution center. He has already trained on something new since he started and wants to learn more.

Reasons that I, personally, love this state and this town.

1. Seasons!! This is very apparent now with the changing of the leaves for Fall. We did not have that in California or Florida (maybe a few trees, but nothing like here). We have snow in Winter which is still amazing to me. And when everything turns green again in Spring it is just so beautiful.

2. Seeing people I know everywhere. It is very rare that anytime I go someplace in Junction City I don't see someone I know. Especially Coach's. I think I have only been there once where I did not see someone I knew. I even know the owners' kids!!

3. Small town life. I love how everyone is connected in a small town. I love that the grandma of one of the kids at school owns the salon I go to or that another kiddo's stepmom was my husband's supervisor for awhile at Foot Locker. The place I get my nails done was recommended to me by the owner's son!

4. I know where my eggs and milk are coming from. One of my coworkers has chickens so i buy eggs from her. Or I go to the lady who also does rabbit rescue. Either way, i know the chickens are free range. Oh, that lady also has duck eggs!! I get milk from the Hildebrand Dairy. The matriarch of the family is a member of our church.

5. Handy's gas stations and convenience stores.

6. Sunsets. They are amazing here and not because of smog!!

There are many many other reasons but I am just going to end there. What is something you love about where you live?


That corgi :) said...

I did enjoy reading this Robyn. I think Kansas sounds like a great place to call home. Seems like it was thought out too on your decisions!

I like the weather here, but you are so right it is so expensive to live here.

have a good weekend!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Great reasons, Robyn. And you're lucky to get your eggs so easily, free-range. I live in a small city of about 117,000 in the amalgamated area, maybe 60,000 in the core, and it still seems too big to me. And if I want to go down to the farmer's market weekly and get free-range eggs, a dozen will cost me about $6. If you know a farmer, though, you can get them for about $3 a dozen -- my cubicle neighbour at work lives out in the country and gets hers from a nearby farmer, lucky woman.

As for independence, there's a lot to be said for that. LOL. My mom and her hubby are on the east coast, in Nova Scotia (where I moved from) and my dad and his wife are in British Columbia, in the greater Vancouver area. So like you, I'm sort of in the middle.

Though I have to say that the older I get, the more I feel the lack of family connection, particularly because I have no siblings.

BTW, I don't know how harsh Kansas winters can be, in comparison to what we're used to here in southern Ontario...but we'll see what you say about snow next spring. Ha.