Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2 Days To BF-Day!!

I just went through and read all the posts from Black Fridays in years past. I am really getting excited now!! Last year I was a super spaz and anxious about it and this year I am more mellow. I have less stuff on my wish list, too :) As of right now what I am hoping to find is a printer, camera, gloves, jeans, snow boots, snow pants, and Christmas lights. I have looked through the leaked ads and have a few ideas of where to go. I prefer to have the hard copies, though. The Daily Union will have them in tomorrow's paper and the Topeka Capitol Journal on Thursday. As always I am considering going to Topeka, but probably will not lol. I am also really reluctant to go to any of the sales before midnight because that is not really Black Friday, then :( But if they have something good I'll be there!!

In preparation I am going to try to get a 30 min massage tomorrow lol. They are 50% off at my salon.

I will have another post tomorrow on my sale bill preparations and plan of attack!!

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That corgi :) said...

you go girl!!! looking forward to hearing your game plan!