Thursday, November 22, 2012

And the Plan Comes Together

Happy Thanksgiving All!! Hope you are enjoying your turkey and sides. Our guest, Tater, enjoyed some scraps and bones and the cat's dinner and Scout enjoyed some olives!!

In just a couple hours I will be heading out to the first of the Black Friday sales. I have my game plan in place and I will share the process with you now.

While in Walmart Tuesday night in the checkout line I happened to glance over and see the Daily Union. Something seemed off about it so I went and looked at it.
It was filled with sales flyers!!! But look at the date!
Tuesday??? That's crazy!! The cashier explained that the paper no longer publishes everyday and since they were not publishing on Wednesday (or Thursday because of the holiday)they had the ads in on Tuesday! I was ecstatic. That evening i was able to start planning.

All the ads
1st round elimination (the places I did not care about)
2nd round elimination (places that did not have anything I wanted)
Scout wanted to help
Actually he wanted to sit in front of the fire
After I found what I wanted I cut the items out and glued them to papers with the store names and the hours

And this is my plan..

Walmart -- 8pm -- video games and jeans for TJ, microfleece pants for me, and pillows.

Target -- 9pm -- Camera, board game, sheets and a blanket and pillows and a fun phone receiver :)

Walmart -- 10pm -- Printer

If I get the camera and the printer I can sleep for a couple hours. If not it is..

Best Buy -- 12am -- camera and printer

And this is where I make a choice. Do I drive out to Topeka and visit Toys R Us and any other open stores or go back home and sleep? In any case the next on my list is...

Menards -- 5am -- Lounge pants, memory foam slippers and boots

JCPenney's -- gloves, pants, watch, sweatpants, sweaters and jeans

Petco -- litter and a cat bed

At some point I also need to go to Goody's for candles and gloves and Sears for for pajamas, jeans and maybe a cheap camera!

If I get to Topeka I will also visit Kohls and Barnes and Noble and Michael's.

2 hours until the first store!!

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That corgi :) said...

Its 9:10 p.m. my time when I'm reading this; I'm sure you are already out there grabbing all the bargains!! Can't wait to hear how you did!!

Good organizing system too!