Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Great Day

This week just keeps on surprising me!! Today was Paraprofessional Appreciation Day at work so we got a breakfast and did not have to do door duty :) Plus my principal gave me (all of us) a very nice handwritten note, the kinder class gave me a picture (and their other paras) and we got homemade place cards with our names. This morning I also got to put together 3 posters for one of the class' projects!! So I got to use my scrapbooking skills lol! We were also able to attend (and get paid!) the faculty meeting afterschool and I found out I will be "teaching" a class (with another para) in reading comprehension one month and math another. The teachers plan the lessons for us, then we have a group of students we work with. I am very excited about this! I love new challenges in my job :)

I put up my mom's angels this evening and we had the missionaries for dinner and they stayed 2 hours!! They had zone conference today and did not have any other appointments so we got to spend extra time with them, which was a blessing.

I am still a little worried about tomorrow, but I am trying to keep positive. I was going to try to schedule a pedicure, but the girl I see for my nails is not available in the afternoon and I did not want to go to my other place this time. I may see about getting a massage if the salon is running any specials tomorrow. I do need to double up on my exercise since I did not have time for it today. I am also planning on a post with pictures of my mom tomorrow :) And maybe a little craft time.

Also, in the next couple of days I hope to have up my annual Christmas Letter!! Who do you think has been the most controversial celebrity this year or in recent months? I always include one of them lol.

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That corgi :) said...

Sounds like it was a nice day at school! Glad you guys were honored this well.

Most controversial celebrity. Obama.

Glad you got your mom's angels up; I hope you do post something about her tomorrow with pictures.