Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another (Not So Great) House Milestone

This was bound to happen sooner or later, especially living near fields and bordering the country, but I rather it had happened later.

I went out to the garage to get something out of a box and discovered mouse droppings on top of it. Ew. That was not pleasant.

The boxes I needed were not breached, but I still used extreme caution when opening them. The contents were fine. However, there are many others in not so impeccable condition and my husband will be unpacking those!!

We also have a bunch of storage tubs that my husband had stacked improperly and their lids and edges have cracked. Those will need to be replaced ASAP. We plan to go to Walmart tomorrow to buy a few. Then I guess we will be spending a few evenings transferring stuff and organizing that half of the garage!!

TJ thinks it is my fault the mouse got in the garage because one day i left the garage door open all night. I think it got in a different way.

I am hoping Scout can catch the mouse, but I also plan to buy some traps. Scout has a history of playing with prey, rather than killing it lol.

I am just grateful it is not roaches!

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That corgi :) said...

Sorry to hear this, Robyn. It might have come in looking for warmth but do check around (if you haven't already) if there is any holes around any screens you might have into the garage, etc. Unfortunately, (but thankful they weren't my parents) hubby's parents' garage had tons of mice droppings in them in the stuff hubby was clearing out; pretty disgusting they had let things get out of control the way they did that mice had a run of the place for a bit. Thankfully he set some traps and within days after we moved in here we were mice free but still had to clean up after them (which is still an ongoing process; like I said disgusting). I avoid the garage for sorting through things and when I go out there to do laundry, I'm always looking around to see if we got any new ones (so far none).