Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday 2012 -- The Experience

Black Friday 2012 was a success despite some bumps in the road!

I headed over to Walmart before 8pm last night. I got TJ a pair of jeans and checked out right at 8pm. I did not like the microfleece pjs and I could not even see where the video games were lol. It was way too crowded and hot in there. From now on I am not going to bother with Walmart until later in the morning lol.

Then I headed over to Target. There was a pretty long line

It was around the side of the building, but the weather wasn't too cold and I knew the people 2 ahead of me and the lady between us was super friendly so it made for a pleasant wait. I went there for a camera. I went to the back for the camera. Then I was informed the camera did not go on sale until 4am. D'oh! FAIL. I ended up getting a game. I almost got a blanket, BUT I gave it up!! What happened was I waited until after I went looking for the camera and they only had 2 left. I picked up a gray one and this other lady picked up a beige and asked if I wanted it because she wanted the gray one for her dog. I traded her, but the beige was a twin. The gray was a king. She still wanted it so I told her to go ahead and take it :) I knew I could find another blanket somewhere and was really wanting a queen instead. This karma would come back to me later.

At this point I was very tired so I decided to go home. I tried going to Walmart first to get a printer, but it was waaayyyy too crowded. I came home and slept for a few hours. I wasn't too thrilled with the Thursday night shopping anyway. It is just not as exciting.

I got back up at 3am and headed over to Target, but I was way too early so I decided to go Best Buy. Since they had been open since midnight the store was not crowded and the abundance of salespeople were eager to help. I asked about the camera I wanted there (it was $10 cheaper than target!). They still had it! They also had the printer I wanted. However, since one of the things I wanted it for was printing pictures they recommended a different one which was also on sale!! So that karma really kicked in there!

After Best Buy I went back to Target and got a toaster and some Christmas stuff and pillows. And a video game for TJ. Then I got some breakfast and headed over to Menards. I waited in the car until about 10 minutes before 5am, then lined up.
I had a hard time finding what I wanted here lol. And the lounge pants I wanted ended up being fleece, which I did not want. But I got the slippers I wanted AND the light up plastic donkey I planned to get anyway was on sale! Score!!

Next I went over to Kmart and found a few things(including a blanket!) then it was JCPenneys!
I was excited about going here because of the free buttons! I got one when I came in and then a few more when I ordered a watch (they did not have them in the store). Then I found a few other things and waited in a looong line to check out (which got even longer after I left!!) and got some more buttons
I haven't checked them online for prizes, yet. I am going to use them in my December Daily album, thanks to IowaJewel for the idea!

Next was Sears where I got a portable CD player that also plays iPods! Then I went to Hot Topic and got a t-shirt I have been wanting for $10 :) I also went to Hallmark. Then I got a free cinnamon roll from Mrs. Powells.

I then headed over to Petco and wasn't sure they were open as there were barely any cars in their lot, but they were and I got Scout some litter and a new bed :) Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a 20% off coupon and bought new cookie sheets. Then I went to Orange Leaf for free hot chocolate and some fro-yo with cereal.

By now I had been battling a sinus headache so I drove back to town and made one last stop at Goody's where I finally got some pajama pants. Now I am at home.

My stuff is still in the car so I will have another post later with some featured stuff I bought.

As I mentioned before, I was not really thrilled with going shopping lat night so next year I am not going to go before midnight, but most likely I will go at 3am the earliest. I am also going to really try to make the effort to go to Topeka. I will also avoid Walmart lol.

Did anyone else go Black Friday shopping? What did you get????


That corgi :) said...

I liked all of your pictures; your smile pretty much stayed the same!! Seems like you are learning what will work next year as far as when to shop to get the best deals!! I bet you enjoyed getting back home and snuggling in your bed for a bit of a rest!


FootPrints said...

Holy!! sounds like you scored! i was way too chicken to step out. plus i have a hard time staying awake past 8 ha ha!!
i wish we had a JCP here!! make sure you post your winnings from the buttons!