Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Friday 2012 -- The Finds!

Well, this is a week late, but here are the highlights of what I found on Black Friday!!


Donkey!!! I was going to buy this anyway, but was delighted to find it on sale!! And no, I do not have the rest of the nativity. I thought the donkey was good to start with lol
Was super stoked to find T-shirts at Hot Topic were 1/2 price. I have wanted this one for awhile!!!
Camera! I got it in black, though
Pins from JCPenneys. I love these little things! So far I have won $20!!! Looking forward to using that so I can get more pins!!

I got much more, but these were my favorite things :)

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That corgi :) said...

I had to laugh about the donkey; I think it is a good place to start growing your nativity set; they did travel to Bethlehem on a donkey :)

good finds!