Sunday, November 4, 2012

Card Cropping

This weekend I went down to Emporia to a scrapbooking crop with friends. I had never been to Emporia before (it is an hour and a half away). My GPS had me go a less direct, though probably a few minutes quicker way. Next time I am taking the more scenic route through the Flinthills. I did not get to see too much of the town, but I got a lot of work done!!

The first night I worked on my December Daily album (details on Tuesday) and went to Braum's for an egg nog hot fudge sundae. We stayed overnight at a Budget Inn motel that was on the edge of town and actually used real keys!! It was really cheap, but the rooms were clean, though, and there was wifi and we each got our own bed (there were 3 of us).

In the morning we went to Golden Corral for their breakfast buffet. Then we went back to the crop and I worked!

I finished my December Daily album and then got to work on cards.


The rest were inspired by the card I made at Stamp Club with Sherrie
Lighter green background
Dark green background

White background
Dark red background

Red background

Bobbi helped me to make an organizer

In between all of this I had to take a pie break!

I ended up making 30 cards in all!! These will be given to local friends and coworkers. I am sending photo cards out to family and distant friends.

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That corgi :) said...

my gosh that pie looked delicious! You did a lot of great work on those cards!! They look very festive!