Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

It's that time again!! I made this one short so I can glue it to the back of my photo cards.

Robyn’s Annual Christmas Letter 2012
1. We bought a house!!!! (address)
2. TJ got a new job!!(Working at the Foot Locker Distribution Center – Best Company Ever!)
3. I took a 3 week road trip to California!!! (And fell in love with Vail and the Central Coast)
4. We got new coats!!! (at Burlington Coat Factory – totally bragging about it)
5. TJ joined a new motorcycle gang! (The CVMA-Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association)
6. I bought Richard Marx’s very first Christmas CD!! (It’s about time he made one)

Scout is doing great and LOVES his new house! He especially loves the gas fireplace. He also loves eating, going outside and only drinks water from the sink. He’s spoiled.

Tom Cruise really needs to examine his life choices and Kristen Stewart needs to learn to smile.

What do you think?


That corgi :) said...

I think it is a great card! I would edit out here on your post your address......just in case......you have no idea who is reading our posts.......

sounds like 2012 was a great year!


dylann andre said...

Sounds good. Love this idea roblyn.