Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did I Contribute to the Downfall of America?

For the first time in my 16 years of voting (or not voting) for President of the United States I picked a winner!!! I am so excited for that fact alone. I am cautiously optimistic, though, in Obama's ability to continue leading this country for good.

However, I have seen so many postings on Facebook tonight that voted for Romney that this spells doom for America (I am paraphrasing), they are going to fly the flag at half mast, wear black tomorrow, this country is immoral because they voted Obama (paraphrasing again), etc.


I get that people are upset that Obama was relected, but some of this stuff is just ridiculous. In some cases it is irrational. It kinda makes Romney look bad as well. HE did not react like that. He gave a very gracious and positive speech. If he had won I would have been proud to call him President, even if I did not vote for him. Last time I voted for McCain and he lost and I was dissappointed, but I did not view it as the end of the world. Maybe people's emotions are just running too high and it is too raw right now.

What really struck me, though, is that most of these people I speak of are Christians . Not that this should make any difference, but as a Christian myself I would like to try to put myself in Jesus' shoes and think of how he would react. And I think he would pray. I know he would. He would pray that Obama is wiser this time around. He would pray for all the people in government. He would pray for America. Maybe he would express his disappointment, but he would be rational. Of course he is Jesus and he is perfect and we are not.

So the next thing I would ask myself is if God and Jesus are proud of me? Are they proud of me for voting and for my reaction to the outcome?

On a non-secular level I would ask myself, am I reacting with dignity? Or more specifically, am I posting a dignified response? Yes, I am highly upset and feel let down, but do I really want to put that out there for everyone to see?

As a person who has had many many disappointments with elections I know what disappointment feels like. I HATED it when Bush was re-elected. If there was Facebook I probably would have posted something negative. But I like to think it would not have been irrational or just plain ridiculous.

Something to remember is that the office of President only lasts 4 years at a time and then we have a chance to vote again. But after 8 years we will have someone entirely new, guaranteed. The President does not make all the decisions or hold all the power. We have a system of checks and balances that insures that does not happen. We have representatives we elect to the house and senators to the Senate. The President is not the be all end all. I think this why I never feel completely hopeless when the candidates I vote for do not win.

I am still happy and comfortable with my decision. I do pray that Obama makes some better choices and works for the good of this country. I am going to trust him and respect him until he gives me a reason not to. I really hope he doesn't!!

So now I would like to turn this discussion over to you. What was your reaction to the outcome? How do you feel about it now? What do you think of other people's reactions? Is it a good thing that people are so passionate to the point of ridiculousness?

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That corgi :) said...

You brought up some good points, Robyn. We will see if Mr. Obama can deliver on some of the things he promised and help to turn this country around. I do have to say though that if it was the other way around and Mr. Romney won, the roles would be reversed on FB and people would be berating him, etc. It is in our nature, maybe it is part of how we grieve or work through our frustration. I only have 42 friends on FB, mainly people from my church and family. Whereas we have voiced our frustrations about the outcome, I think we did it in a dignified way if that is possible. I fear for the moral integrity of our country and the party who is more liberal in defining marriage that goes against what the Bible says about it and doesn't regard the sanctity of life and pushes for legalized abortion would not get my vote. It was sad to hear on the news today that 60% of the voters (polled) were concerned about the economy and 59% of the voters (polled) were concerned about keeping abortion legal. But then it shouldn't surprise me because there's only 30% people that call themselves Christians who would hold to biblical beliefs and hopefully vote them. So yes I'm frustrated and yes I don't like the way this country is heading.

I'm comforted that God's kingdom will advance regardless of who is president and God is totally in control.

And remember Christians are just people; we have our flaws, we are broken people. Sometimes we do and say things we shouldn't, but I'm sure the majority of us will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent of words said.