Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Plans

Well, this is one of the most fun weeks of the year for me lol. It is a 2 day work week, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas decorating time!! Oh, and there is a parade!

So, tonight I have been drawing on mysterious reserves of energy to take Tater for not one, but TWO walks, doing a load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, paying bills (including the water bill which I will hand deliver to the municipal building tomorrow!) and cleaning up a bit. I am still planning to load the dishwasher, put clothes in the dryer, set up my small nativity and work in the craftroom. Okay, probably not that last one. I think I will take a bath instead.

Tomorrow will be busy, too. After work I need to go to the bank and pay the water bill lol, make dinner, do some laundry and clean up some more. Plus pay the mortgage. And walk Tater. Maybe I will get in that craftroom!

Wednesday is a fun day. No work! It is my annual "buy a newspaper day" to get the BF sale bills and I am also getting my nails done. Switching from acrylics to gels since my nails have grown out. I plan to finish cleaning up the house and finally get my bedroom finished.

Thursday is Thanksgiving!! Gonna watch the Macy's parade and Thanksgiving themed shows, make dinner and rest up for the shopping!!

Friday is "the superbowl of retail" and I will be out there dark and early!! Haven't made a plan yet, but I am going to Manhattan. I am still not ready to make that trip to Topeka and back lol. After shopping I will be napping, taking down Thanksgiving decorations, napping and riding in the Christmas parade with TJ! Also want to go to the tree lighting in the park afterwards. Then I am sleeping. Hopefully TJ will put up the Christmas lights (after I buy them).

On Saturday I will start Christmas decorating. I plan to do at least one tub a day (if not more. Or ALL). Going to wait a week to get our real tree, but I will be setting up the aluminum. I have decided to use only vintage ornaments on it this year.

Sunday is church. And Tater goes home :(

So those are my holiday plans for the next week. What are you doing?


Kim said...

My dad was telling me the other day that he remembered me telling him and my mom how you got that TV at KMart for dirt cheap one Black Friday many years ago. I said she still gets up dang early to do it!
I'm making food, seeing the doctor (BIGGG shock), and going to an event at the local library.

That corgi :) said...

I remember all your plans for Black Friday last year! How fun you have a short work week; sounds like you got lots of fun things planned for your time off! enjoy them all!