Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm Supposed to Pay For That?!?!

(I will have the angel pictures and pictures of my mom tomorrow)

So, the other night when I planned to lay down in front of the fire and relax I had an unpleasant surprise when I tried to turn on the bathroom faucet -- NO WATER!!!!!! I tried to think if I had paid a bill or not and could not recall. I then looked for one wondering if they even sent one. Then I found it. I had put it in the wrong place so it was in the batch of bill to pay Monday. Unfortunately it had been due on the 7th and said that if not paid by the 14th it would be turned off that afternoon. Well, they waited until the 15th. I was quite pissed that I never received a 2nd or final notice as I would have paid that immediately. I was also quite upset and tears over my mistake in not paying the dang thing. I called a friend to see if i could use her shower and she said yes so that got taken care of.

I went to the community building when they opened the next morning and the lady there was realy nice. She said that the system automatically sends a delinquent notice if your bill is not paid by the due date. i never received one, but they showed it going out and it wasn't returned so I blame the post office. The mail lady did tell me the other day that she had been gone a few days and the person covering may have put some stuff in the wrong boxes. I would not be surprised if the neighbor got it and threw it out instead of giving it to us or putting it back in to be delivered right. Anyway, i paid my bill and the water got turned back on that day. I also set it up where they email my bill.

Lesson Learned!!

Last night TJ and I went to Topeka for Quarter Mania, but stopped at the mall first to look for coats. I fell in love with one at Burlington. I even wore it around the store saying "this is my new coat". I carried the hanger so people wouldn't think I was intending to steal it lol. But it got a little warm so I ended up carrying it.

I also found the Hickory Farms kiosk for Christmas and we bought peanut brittle and a cheese ball.

Today we joined friends for a pancake breakfast at the middle school, then shopped the holiday market in their gym. I bought German cookies and jam. Then TJ and I went to Manhattan. We price compared Christmas lights and found some at Home Depot that look like classic ceramic, but burn like LEDs. We bought a couple Christmas presents and got ideas for others. We decided that we want to start a Christmas village and found the piece to buy this year (holding out for Black Friday!). We bought the rest of our stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. And I found a couple more Christmas CDs and a movie.

Right now I am watching the rest of the UCLA-USC game and waiting for the K-State game. OH! I also bought a Sports Illustrated magazine for the first time ever today. I figured that an issue about the #1 ranked K-State Wildcats with Quarterback Collin Klein on the cover was a good one to start with LOL.

What are you doing this weekend?


That corgi :) said...

Glad you got the water bill figured out and the water turned back on. When we lived in the Temecula area, the water district gave you an option if you didn't pay a deposit, you could give them your account info and they would just automatically take out the bill monthly (they sent an email notice of what the amount was and when it was going to be deducted). I liked that; made it easier to remember to pay it. Now I pay all bills online through my bank so when I get the notice, I just go into our account and set to pay it when due and thankfully no turned off utilities :)

Sounded like a great start to the weekend to get ideas for the Christmas village as well as a start on Christmas shopping!

Not doing much here so far; finished up grocery shopping, just hanging out and relaxing.


Kim said...

Oh man! Glad you got that settled. Yikes! I'm pricing tags today. ;)

FootPrints said...

Oh my goodness!! i'm glad you got the water turned back on!! i remember one time that happened with the electricity! thankfully that was before we had kids! i was so embarrassed to tell my husband when he came home!!
mmmmmmm peanut brittle!
we had a fun day at the i'm catching up on my blog reading!
Have a great sunday!