Thursday, November 29, 2012

JC Christmas Parade

I finally took pictures of my Black Friday finds so I will have a post about that tomorrow and TJ is supposed to hook up the printer tonight so I can finally print some pictures for my December Daily (although I ordered a couple collage prints and probably won't receive those until next week!!). So I will have a post about that very soon as well!!

But for today I have pictures of the annual Christmas parade our town puts on. Or more accurately, the staging area, as we ride in the parade and don't actually see any of it lol.

I decided to go as the Abominable Snowman this year
It was pretty cold
Cute float
This Salvation Army float was my favorite. I loved the bucket!!!!
They were actually cooking on this float!!
Our HOG group that we rode with
Reindeer "pulling" a sleigh (there were people pushing it, too lol)
They went all out. They had dancers walking/dancing, too
Very cool
TJ's other gang, the CVMA!
Henrietta's first parade!!
Our decorated bike
Another bike in our group
From behind
Really cool accidental shot
Me and my hubby
Attaching the flag to our bike
Henrietta gets even more FABULOUS
It's time to start!
Pretty sunset
They're in bed!!
I want this Can Am and the lights!
Bus filled with Seniors from the Senior Center so they can ride in the parade, too!! Love this.

It was fun as always to ride in the parade and see people I know.

Does your town have a Christmas parade???


That corgi :) said...

Love your costume theme! I'm sure it kept you warm!! What a great parade!! I love parades like this with floats, etc. Our town does have one but I haven't gone; we used to do the holiday parade when I lived in Montana; family tradition. Just haven't checked this one out yet.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Your "costume" is great--a parka is a necessity here in our climate, though. LOL.

The parade looks like it was a lot of fun.

Our city does one too, it was a few weeks ago now. I haven't gone in oh, 10 or so years. I think the parade is a bit bigger and more interesting than when I first moved here, 16 years ago. I remember going to one with my now-ex and the most exciting thing to happen was a papier maché pig catching fire as it passed us. LOL.