Sunday, November 18, 2012

Memories of My Mom

Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of my mom's passing. I always commemmorate the day by putting up what I have of her angel collection. This is probably just a 4th or 8th of what she had (her collection filled this whole bookcase, a 5 leveled shotglass shelf and an end table) because we gave most of them away at the party after her funeral. I picked out my favorite pieces first.

I also took some pictures of the scrapbook I made of my mom (before she died, so she had a chance to see it :)

At her sister's wedding
Not sure where this is
In the 80s
At a party

Knott's Berry Farm
Family picnic
With a homegrown tomato in our backyard
Bears Fan
My college graduation party
Her high school graduation
I love my mom!!


Kim said...

It seems hard to believe that she has been gone 3 years. I hope the anniversary this year was bearable. It's hard getting older and seeing our parents get older too, friend!

That corgi :) said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom, Robyn! I liked all the pictures you shared; what a great angel collection she had; the last picture of angels, I remember my mom having some like that in her younger days.

That was neat that you gave away some of the angels at the party; I read somewhere (I think going through hubby's parents stuff here and the programs they had from various funerals/memorial services they attended) of someone who collected bells and bells would be there at the memorial service for everyone who wanted to take one to get one and if I remember correctly those that took a bell rang it in her honor during the service.

Your mom was a beautiful woman. I am sorry she is no longer alive. It is hard when we lose our moms; they do love us so much and we love them so much in return.

Not to be too nosey, but I'm thinking she had to be relatively young when she passed (my mom was 85 when she died). Was your mom sick? Was it "expected?"


Fuzzy Tales said...

I'm so glad you kept your favourite angels, and gave away the others. That's a wonderful way for you, and others who loved her, to remember her, have a tiny piece of her, if you know what I mean.

And I love the scrapbook too--so glad she saw that before she passed.