Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Goals

Happy All Saints Day!!! Thought I would start the month off with my November Goals and a recap of October ones.

For November...

1. Make Thanksgiving dinner in our new home.

2. Make or buy a Black Friday t-shirt

3. Attend Black Friday!!

4. Finish getting the house set up AND pictures hung

5. Go on a date with my husband :)

6. Print my photo Christmas cards

7. Make at least 20 homemade Christmas cards

8. Put together a December Daily Album

9. Catch up 2012 scrapbook.

10. Lose 10 pounds.

October Recap
1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Did it today!!

2. Make Halloween treats for 3 classes at work. Done!

3. Get my craft room completed. Done (except for pictures on the walls)

4. Carve 1 pumpkin and decorate at least 3 more (including one fake one) I did not get to carve one, but I painted 2 fake ones and carved and painted a 3rd. I also painted a real one to look like a candy corn and drew faces on a few others.

5. Join the YMCA Um, not yet.

6. Lose at least 5 pounds LOL

7. Finish unpacking all boxes that are in the house. I have 2 left.

1 comment:

That corgi :) said...

Yea with only 2 more boxes to unpack!! I like your November goals!! How fun too to be celebrating the holidays in your new home!! Does the oven work? Seriously, I had a friend years ago who moved into a new home and hadn't used the oven until Thanksgiving only to find it didn't work :)

I remember your planning out Black Friday last year; I can't imagine it is already time for this year to think about it (three weeks tomorrow)

Good goals!!!