Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I slept in an hour later than usual this morning.

I did not successfully fend off a cold and my throat has been scratchy and my nose stuffy.

I spent 2 hours at the nail salon, getting my acrylics soaked off, gel and tips put on, and gel toes redone.

I took Tater out to do business 3 times before noon lol

I turned the fireplace on even though it was in the 70s outside because it was cold inside and I knew my cat would love it.

TJ came home early from work(1pm) after volunteering to stay "late"(most people went home at 11am)

I finished the first bottle of cider

I booked massages for TJ and I because they were 1/2 price today.

We went and bought our Christmas lights.

I baked my pre-baked pie so I could cover it on the counter so Scout could walk on it like he does every year.

I did not do Black Friday prep because we actually got the paper with the ads YESTERDAY because they do not publish everyday or holidays. So I did all the prep yesterday.

I cleaned the diningroom table off and the kitchen counters in preparation for tomorrow.

I went to Dillons because nothing is as fun as going to the only grocery store in town (besides Walmart) the day before Thanksgiving! I bought flowers

I am watching Criminal Minds and Simon from 7th Heaven is an unsub. I find this incredibly funny.

Who's ready for tomorrow?

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That corgi :) said...

I like your face for the flowers!! Take plenty of Vitamin C to fend off a cold; works like a "charm" for me. Hope it is a great Thanksgiving!