Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 to 2013

2012 was an EPIC year. Maybe the best one ever. Probate finally ended, I took a major road trip back to California and TJ and I bought a house!! We had a major upheaval at work when half the staff left to work at the new school on post, but got the most amazing people in their place. I lost weight and gained a lot of it back. New restaurants came town and others left. I made a lot of new friends and reconnected with old ones. I didn't lose any body parts this year LOL.

I must admit I am a little leery of 2013. I do not like those prime numbers and an unlucky one at that!! I was very much looking forward to 2012 and it did not disappoint. Hopefully 2013 will exceed my expectations. My wishes for the coming year are to get this house in order and get myself healthy and in shape. To create a home with my husband and cherish him everyday. To enjoy the unconditional love and crainess of my cat :) And to strengthen my relationship with Christ and have more charity in my heart.

What did you think of 2012 and how do you feel about 2013?


Kim said...

I want a better year! It started badly in February when I did something dumb at work and then quit. Then I had a breast biopsy. Then I got put on medication, which I was just told I really don't need unless I want to get pregnant (will explain to you sometime), and then I had an insurance snafu. This year was just bad.

That corgi :) said...

2012 was a great year for you indeed!! I do hope 2013 is equally as good; never thought of the prime years like that......

2012 was better than 2011 but still needs a lot of improvement; one can hope 2013 will not disappoint and will be a good year

regardless Jesus is still in control so that is good enough for me :)