Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day and New Years Eve Plans

Christmas Day was decidedly more low key than Christmas Eve.

We lit some candles

and tucked Scout in on the couch
Actually, this may have been Christmas Eve
Then late christmas morning we opened presents!!

Scout got a play wand with catnip in it and some cat treats from Santa Paws.

He guarded our presents before we started

And got tired
My stuff
TJ's stuff
TJ got worn out
But Scout played
and cleaned himself
and played
and cleaned himself
TJ gave me the most comfortable pair of pajamas ever
And Henrietta and Rudolph had to much Nog

For dinner we had our traditional Chinese Buffet. It was a pretty relaxing day.

As for New Years this year.... we decided to stay in again and welcome the new year in our new home. Good thing, too, because we are getting a good amount of snow starting tomorrow afternooon until midnight!!

I need to get a few things tomorrow morning, but we will be having Hickory Farms, cheese, sausage and crackers, hopefully port wine cheese spread, herring and quite possibly black eyed pea stew. And of course Sparkiling Cider!!! We are going to play games all evening. Pretty low key, but perfect for just the 2 of us :)

What are your plans??

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That corgi :) said...

I like your plans for New Year's Eve Robyn!! Sounds like fun. We have similar; cook dinner at home, walk Koda and then be in for the evening.

Your PJ's do look comfy!