Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve in our new home was the best. We finished cleaning and decorating and the ornament I ordered from Bronner's arrived
Our friends came for dinner and Scout decided to be a poop and stay up the refrigerator.
I don't think he realized just who was visiting until we made him get down and he started getting lots of attention!
Tower of Sweets
Scout finally started being sociable and we dressed him up
He actually sat on the couch like this for about 5 minutes letting our friend, Dennis, take pictures of him. I sweear that cat likes to show off for people!
We relaxed in the livingroom for awhile and watched TJ and Mr. D play a video game.

Then we opened presents. I think the sign of a good and successful present is when the present is used immediately. Mr. D immediately used his KU freezable mug and Miss K put on her penguin socks (we also got her lotion and bath gel).
Our friends loved the KU Scentsy warmer I got them.

Scout supervised

Then we played Shanghai Rummy. Dennis won again. He always wins when we play here. We thing it is the rickety chair he always ends up sitting in lol.

We decided to give Scout his present, but he was not interested.

We even had to open it for him (he had previously bit into the paper) and he still wasn't sure about it

Then he discovered it had catnip in it and he was all over it

Since it had a string Miss K was able to play with it, too, and Scout loved that!

Then he got tired.

After our guests left TJ and I opened one present each
Jeans for him

Pajamas for me. They were too small, though. Luckily I had a backup pair. I told TJ next year he was in charge lol
Then I read from the Nativity Story in Luke 2 from my mom and grandma's old Bible

And Scout settled down to watch for Santa Paws

How was your Christmas Eve?

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That corgi :) said...

Looked like a fun night with friends! I agree with you about the presents, if someone wants to open it immediately or use it immediately, its a hit indeed!! Too cute with Scout being shy then warming up and then actually looking like he was having fun!

Gosh, what did we do Christmas Eve? It seems so far ago, LOL :)

We went to church in the evening then out to where hubby's brother was playing guitar at a restaurant and had a glass (or two) of wine, chatting with sister-in-law.