Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Movie Review -- Christmas Vacation

I am writing this before the codeine in my cough medicine kicks in :)

I don't remember the first time I saw this movie, but I don't think I liked it much when I was younger. It was only when I was a grown up and able to appreciate the humor that this movie became a must see every year.

If you have never seen it it is a movie about a guy who just wants to have an awesome perfect Griswold Family Christmas with his family, but EVERYTHING goes wrong. The tree is too big, uninvited family comes, the turkey doesn't cook right, the lights don't work, he doesn't get his Christmas bonus, etc. It is hilarious. And I think in some ways we can all relate.

This movie starts Chevy Chase, Beverly d'Angelo, Juliette Lewis, Randy Quaid, and Johnny Galecki (pre Roseanne and Big Bang Theory days!).

The picture above is from my favorite scene towards the end :) This is on tonight so hoping the codeine does not knock me out I will be watching it.

What is on of your must see Christmas movies???

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Fuzzy Tales said...

This is my absolute favourite Christmas movie. I have it on DVD and watch it every year, as well as watch it when it's played on one of the TV stations. :-)